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Spanish Student Testimonials

"My experience with Yesi and Yelapa were increadable (sic)! …. You picked up right where my jr. high class left me and answered the questions I had about stuff I had not yet mastered.  You taught really well and your fascinating and good personality made the instruction more fun.” Leslie Lowrie, Alaska

“Comprehensive, learned a ton, fabulous instructor, great connections to host families and Juanita knows everything and everyone in Yelapa. That's why I have already reserved a room to go back to Yelapa next year. … I am a Yelapatista! What a wonderful vacation!” Henrietta and James,. Toronto

“I liked that it was a small group which allowed more opportunity for individual attention and that it was in this small and culturally interesting community. You really are a good teacher and know a lot about the community, history and culture of Yelapa and Mexico which I found very interesting…so if I were to do this again, I would make it for longer. Muchos gracias again for all your efforts to make us feel at home and a unique experience that I will treasure and never forget!” Jan Blades, Vancouver
"We just got our pictures back and are wowing friends with tales and photos of our time in Yelapa. We can't thank you enough for all the work you put into our education. We'll try to keep up the momentum and make you proud. All the best from wet cold and dark Seattle." Bill and Susie, December 2004, Seattle, Washington
Things I like best about Yelapa: “Great teacher (really). The remote, small village atmosphere. I enjoyed walking (or horseback riding) everywhere. The daily stream crossing added to the adventure… You have found a perfect spot. “ Cesar Beltran, Orangevale, CA
“YESI school was geared totally to the students and our individual needs. The view from the classroom was world class and breath taking... [The teacher] was not only a great instructor but also became a great friend!! We spent one day with local people catching fresh water shrimp and practicing our Spanish. This class far exceeded our expectations. In fact we can now talk with most of my Spanish speaking patients in my clinic without help from a translator!!! “ Drs. Mark and Dolores Musco, Davis, California
[Yelapa as a location for a Spanish program] "Are you kidding?! It doesn't get any better than this . . .- warm, lush surroundings, minimal distractions, plenty of opportunities to practice. What more could one ask for?" Jeanne Coffey
"The instructor is first-rate and the available materials helpful. Though a slow learner, I wasn't made to feel that way nor left behind. The program got me started on learning Spanish. I took only one week of the beginner's course, but it gave me the push to continue learning Spanish. What's more the instructor's command of the language is inspiring and tells you she has much more she might teach you." Ross Klatte, Nelson, B.C.
"(On One Week Spanish on the Road Mountain Tour, December 08) Mascota, and Navidad. "That was SUCH a plus for me. In more touristy places, I'm shy with my Spanish and always let the natives "help" me by speaking English. Speaking my low-level Spanish and getting by was SO satisfying. "Oh, and there were language classes every day. And my language improved, at least two weeks worth (I'm a language teacher myself, and if one could conquer a language in two weeks, I'd be out of a job). More than that, my confidence in my ability to get by, even prosper, improved hugely. Forget therapy, go to the mountains with Juanita." Debra Scott. Salt Lake City , Utah
"The teacher was skilled, knowledgeable in teaching the language and in the lore of the town. The fact that she knew many of the locals made the experience social, recreational as well as academic. The excursions were very interesting and worth while. There were opportunities to practice Spanish with the guides and other locals, as well as see many things and places that would not be on a regular "tour". The experience of living in Yelapa was interesting, challenging and most enlightening. I came away with not only an improved knowledge of Spanish but also an appreciation of how real Mexican people live, work and have fun. I would gladly return to YESI and to Yelapa" - Margarita Bruehler, Vancouver, B.C.
“Everything was really nice, low key, friendly, a good learning environment. … In one week, I learned enough to make simple conversation. Thank you, you built my confidence that I actually could learn Spanish.” Janice Stalcup, Oakland, CA
"An awesome experience for someone looking to either learn or perfect Spanish. Jean is an exceptional teacher, understands how adults learn and want from a second language experience. very competitive prices, Yelapa is a beautiful setting with wonderful people. I highly recommend this language institute to anyone looking for a great learning experience tied in with an awesome holiday"
Angie Augier, Teacher, St. Mary’s High School, Calgary, Alberta
"It [listening to Manu Chao], of course,always makes me think of you and our Spanish class in Yelapa. Since I've been travelling since I last saw you, I haven't really been able to write and tell you how much I (we!) enjoyed the time with you. ….I wanted to let you know how much just that little bit of class time and formal study helped me in Ecuador and the Galapagos. …. My time in Yelapa was just very very incredible. I hope that you are happy and well and that you'll continue with the internationally famed YESI!" Joann Marshall, June 2005, Washington
"Yelapa is magical.Beach, butterflies, waterfalls, friendly people, warm weather, great fresh food and lots of places, people and things to explore. I was so taken with it all, I'm afraid I was'nt the most dedicated of students.
The fact that after one short week Jean somehow managed to give me a solid base on which to further (my previously non-existant) Spanish studies and allow me to have simple conversations and to shop amazes me and speaks to the quality of her teaching. Not only is she a great teacher, she's a wealth of local knowledge and a warm and friendly person. It was an unforgetable week and I'm sure I'll be back." Gabrielle Nolte, Gibsons, B.C. December 2004
"Just wanted to let you know that I LOVED the course … . You are not only a great and very dedicated teacher of language, but a very inspiring and entertaining person as well, nothing but wonderful memories." Bill Gorishek. January 2005. Grand Junction, Colorado