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Spanish for Doctors, Nurses and other Health Professionals

Combine Spanish classes with a vacation in Yelapa , Mexico . Study with other health care professionals will allow dialogue on common health care issues and will accelerate your rate of learning. Work with the local Mexican health care practitioners will reinforce the Spanish lessons and provide practical application in the clinical setting as well as provide insights into the culture. In addition, there will be time for relaxing and enjoying the people and the place.

Yelapa is under federal health care as an Indigenous Reserve, and health care provision here has its privileges and challenges. The Medical clinic has been in operation since 1999, with a permanent doctor, a visiting doctor, a certified nurse, a locally trained public health administrator. The community also has the skills and benefits of a veterinarian, who has championed many rural animal care and vaccination programs. There are number of people who have knowledge of traditional healing using medicinal plants.


• Three hours of classes are given daily - Monday to Friday - 15 hours instruction per week. In class, we will focus on grammar short cuts to assist your early speech proficiency. Vocabulary learning will emphasize anatomical and medical terminology for patient interview, diagnosis and treatment, and conversational practice. We use a variety of techniques to involve all your senses in learning through repetitive exercises, games, songs, readings, computer CDs and DVDs and movies.

• Local health professionals will give talks throughout the week (traditional herbal medicine, medical doctors, veterinarian practice).

• A minimum of three sessions of clinical observation of 2 plus hours per week will be arranged, as desired, up to 5 or more for the 2 week program. One can observe the various medical experts in diagnosis and treatment, and assist wherever possible.

• Class size will be limited to a maximum of 4 people .

• The program runs for two weeks, from Sunday to Saturday. Students can be accepted for the first week as Beginner's , or can join the second week as Intermediate students . Any students choosing to stay on for a longer period are welcome to continue in the regular Spanish program and/or to stay with a host family to continue their practice. If you bring a group, we can tailor the program to your needs.

• Weekends and afternoons allow free time for study, guided tours (see Activities) and relaxation. There's always a lot going on in Yelapa to amuse (various local events e.g. music nights, art openings, birthday and wedding celebrations, etc.)!

Class Dates
- Classes can be arranged to fit your schedule, with a minimum of 2 people.

Scheduled Dates are for:

Nov 13 - 20, 2011 for Level 1
Nov 20 - 27, 2011 for Level 2

March 18 - 25, 2012 for Level 1
March 25 - April 1, 2012 for Level 2

Please inquire about other dates.


1 week + 6 hour internship
2 weeks + 12 hour internship


Materials (binder of materials, texts additional )


Homestays (includes breakfast & supper)

250 $US/week

Private – Apartment or House (Home Stay Meals Optional)

from $40/night

*5% percentage of the language cost price will be donated to the medical clinic for a designated purchase. At present we're raising funds for computer donation or purchase.

from former YESI students:

“YESI school was geared totally to the students and our individual needs. The view from the classroom was world class and breath taking... [The teacher] was not only a great instructor but also became a great friend!! We spent one day with local people catching fresh water shrimp and practicing our Spanish. This class far exceeded our expectations. In fact we can now talk with most of my Spanish speaking patients in my clinic without help from a translator!!!” Drs. Mark and Dolores Musco, Davis , California