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Study Spanish for Adults with Special Classes for Children, Teachers, Doctors and Nurses

Study Spanish at Yelapa English Spanish Institute (YESI) in Mexico in weekly programs of Spanish classes near Puerto Vallarta . Learn Spanish in classes offered at all levels for children, adults, doctors, and nurses . Summer Spanish classes are offered for adults, teachers and family groups with a focus on activities. Our Spanish school offers various locations in a casual atmosphere and fun learning environment. Come study in Mexico near the beach in our outdoor Spanish school in classes while gazing at whales in the bay, birds in trees at the tropical jungle edge. Our school is also open for Christmas and Easter for those only able to study during the holiday period.

After Spanish classes, learn by immersion in a home stay with a host family. Save money on accommodation and enjoy learning from your host family the natural way. To learn Spanish quickly, the Yelapa English Spanish Institute also arranges guided tours and activities with guides from Yelapa Mexico . Learn Spanish vocabulary, study the local Mexican culture in Spanish, and have fun learning.

YESI school offers Weekly and Weekend Intensives and a number of Special Courses for Family, Children, Teachers, Medical Professionals (See Courses Page ):

Spanish on the Road - Want to take a trip with daily Spanish classes and conversational practice while on the road? See the options

Spanish for Birders - Combine study and bird viewing in this little jungle paradise in Mexico . Study from our outdoor classroom in the trees with ocean views. We emphasize birding terminology and devote at least one hour daily for bird viewing and identification.

Summer Weekly Intensives include:

•  a Family Group Class of 1.5 hrs for study and practice of Spanish with simple conversational lessons and fun follow-up activities

•  A Two hour Adult Group Class followed by a one hour activity to practice.

•  a new summer school location for classes, in addition to Yelapa at San Sebastian del Oeste, a mountain village at a cool 4500 ft. only 70 km from Puerto Vallarta with a rich colonial past since the 1600s.

Spanish Study and Adventures (summer) Study mornings for 3 hours with afternoon guided adventures, with overnight camping available to pristine jungle, waterfalls and deep pools beyond the tourist zone. Inquire.

NEW : Skype class on-line for students with some basic Spanish knowledge! Please inquire and we'll go on-line to help you along, one or two hourly classes per week!

cross the Yelapa River en route to study spanish
Mariachia parade at rodeo - day to learn Spanish
boat trip to Marietas Islands as Spanish class outdoor activity View from Spanish home stay in Yelapa
Making Tamales in Spanish Class Study Spanish at the beach after classes
Relaxing at village falls after Spanish class Three Boys on a Horse in the River
Photo ops upriver after Spanish Class

Relaxing after class with Spanish class friends

About Yelapa

Yelapa , the site of YESI school, is the perfect place to study Spanish . After a flight to Puerto Vallarta, it is less than an hour water taxi ride through whale-filled waters to this beautiful fishing village of about 1000 Mexicans. From December to February it offers hot daytime temperatures and cool nights, followed by a very dry, hot season, then the summer hot, humid months from June - August, with rain from late June, peaking September - October. Until late 2001 there was no electricity and there still are no cars. People still walk everywhere, so talking face to face is the main way to communicate. This makes it a truly unique and natural immersion experience to learn Spanish.

Yelapa is connected only by a rough road to the village of Chacala, where Yelapans came from several generations ago. There are no cars or roads in the village and offers isolation and resultant unique characteristics. Many houses including YESI school still have palm-thatched palapa roofs traditional to this coast. The relatively calm warm waters and sheltered Yelapa Bay a rarity for the normally rough Pacific coast of Mexico attract humpback whales, tourists and sailors alike.

A half kilometer beach at the river mouth is the hub of daytime activity . Come soak up the sun, cool off in the bay or lunch at the many beachside restaurants. Charming pedestrian paths of concrete and cobble wind throughout the village. Sand paths lead many hours along the sandy beaches of the Tuito River into the jungle to numerous waterfalls. It's a lush tropical environment, with trees full of macaws and other parrots, other wildlife including the endangered jaguar.

Everyone is family here, literally. Spanish students are accepted quickly into their midst. Yelapa is a healing and creative place with many healers, artists, writers and musicians who tap into its magic. Students can do yoga, bird watching, batik workshops, attend a writing group or various guided horseback or traditional medicine tours in their ample free time. You will understand why people arrive for a day and stay for months!!