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Yelapa English Spanish Institute (YESI) offers a Spanish study program of small classes in Yelapa, near Puerto Vallarta Mexico designed for you to learn to speak Spanish quickly. You can study in small groups at your level of learning or privately. Study Spanish in Weekend Intensives - three hour adult group classes from Monday to Friday (15 hrs/wk), weekend intensives (Fri pm to Sun aft)10 -12 hrs/weekend) or for one to two hours/day for children and family weekly groups .

Learn the short cuts of Spanish grammar essential to speak quickly. Learn essential vocabulary by theme and practice talking Spanish during oral exercises, games, Spanish songs, readings, with some writing to reinforce learning. It's easy to follow-up study after classes, with audio CDs, Spanish movies, readings, songs and the many restaurants and stores where you can practice daily. Learn more than to parrot conversational phrases! After even one week of Spanish study through classes, activities and home stay, you'll be surprised how much you can learn! The class setting of the school is casual, with relaxing atmosphere on a sunlit pagio at the jungle edge, with numerous birds seen and heard in the tree canopy, and ocean views. We can also take the class to other settings, such as restaurants at the local town waterfalls, or up the Tuito River, for a chance to see more of Yelapa while studying. Teaching at your accommodation is also possible.

Home Stays - After Spanish classes, maximize your study at a Mexican home stay in Yelapa. Learn about the culture of Mexico through native Spanish speakers. Enjoy a comfortable private room with a private bath, great meals and a chance to make new Mexican friends through Spanish conversation over a meal. Private accommodation can also be arranged for you, along with meals if you choose.

Study and share meals with home stay family

Yelapa Trips - Maximize your Spanish practice on a guided trip. We offer guides to study Spanish with, who reinforce the Spanish learned in classes. Guided tours or activities with local Mexicans is a very interactive and fun Spanish learning experience. Go whale watching, boating or fishing , hiking , horseback riding , paragliding among many activities . Practice your Spanish while having fun outdoors. There's also a variety of free social activities in the village weekly - such as weddings, quincinieras (15th birthdays for girls), church sing-along, children's birthday piñata street parties, school concerts and fund-raisers, and a variety of festivals (e.g. Revolution Day, Guadalupe festival, Marine Day, etc).

Class in Tortilla-making with Spanish school

Special Studies and Group Discounts! - If you have a group of five or more at one class level at our YESI school, we give classes free to one student. We can also customize your studies, block time outside of the posted dates, and/or teach at your accommodations. Please inquire for these special arrangements.

We can also arrange private Spanish conversation classes by the hour for those wishing to practice with a native speaker.

Medical Spanish, including observations in the clinic and vocabulary and terminology training with a doctor, is offered in the fall and spring months (usually November and April) or customized to your schedule. See (see G below) or Medical Spanish .

YESI school offers Study – travel and practice Spanish at select towns, and events in various regions of Mexico – either one week or weekend, with transport, accommodation, guides and studies all arranged for you!! ( see I below ).



i) Intensive Spanish Weekly Course Dates 2020 - 2021
(Week begins Sunday, Classes Monday to Friday) *


(private classes - inquire)

Inquire Road Trip to Day of the Dead,
Oct 30 - Nov 04 Patzcuaro, Michoacan.


03 - 10

15 - 22

22 - 29

29 - Dec 06


06 - 13

13 - 20

20 - 27

27 - Jan 03



03 - 10

10 - 17

17 - 24

24 - 31

Jan 12-19 Tuito, Gradalupe Festival, Spanish Immersion


Jan 31 - 07

07 - 14

14 - 21

21 - 28

Feb 23 - 1 Mar, Monarch Butterfly Tour


Feb 28 - 07

07 - 14

14 - 21

21 - 29




Apr 19 - 26 Huichol Easter Ceremony

* Spanish Courses outside indicated dates can be arranged with notice.  
+ Arrive Sunday at the latest for Monday classes, home stays leave Sunday or as per other arrangement (Inquire for other options)


ii) Summer Spanish Courses 2020 - Inquire for Possible Classes and Trips


iii) Medical Spanish 2020 - 2021 Course Dates - Inquire for Dates Preferred - traditionally offered in November and April.


iv) Spanish on the Road Trips Inquire for dates!

1 (a) Pátzcuaro - Cultural Trip

1 (b) Pátzcuaro – Day of the Dead/ Día de los Muertos – Cancelled for 2020

1 (c) Pátzcuaro / Monarch Butterflies – Purepechan Culture, Nature and Monarch Butterflies Winter Sanctuary - week-long tour.

2. San Sebastian, Mascota and Talpa - Unique Mountain Villages Trip – (Inquire)

3. San Blas & Huichol Indians - Beaches, mangrove jungle river tour, Huichoi spiritual site, and Huichol Village of Zitacua.




• A.   Weekly Spanish Intensives for Adults : - 2 locations to choose from.
          1.  Yelapa, 1 hr from Puerto Vallarta , on the coast ( Regular and Summer Program )
          2.  San Sebastian , mountains 70 km near Puerto Vallarta ( Summer, Spanish on the Road - see I )
• B.   Weekend Spanish Intensive (Regular – On Demand)
• C.   Spanish for Birders ( Regular - 2 hrs language 1-2 hrs tours)
• D.   Family Group Spanish ( 1 hr language, 1 hr language activity ) ( Regular and Summer )
• E.  
Children's Group Spanish (1 ½ hrs) ( Regular and Summer)
• F.   Spanish Summer Adventures Program ( Full Day - Summer )
• G.   Spanish for Teachers (Beginners, Intermediate - Summer only )
• H.   Medical Spanish (10 Hrs/Week Grammar, 5 Hrs Vocabulary Training, 3-6 Clinical Visits, 1 Medical Plant          Tour, Vet visit)
• I.   Study Spanish on the Road Tours
• J   Skype Classes – On-Line Tutoring



A. Weekly Spanish Intensives for Adults

1. Yelapa, Jalisco, Mexico (near Puerto Vallarta ) (Regular and Summer)

Winter : Regular Group Spanish classes run from November to end of April, and then in the summer months (July - August), and by request, other months. The climate is ideal for beach life and lots of activities. Study Spanish classes outdoors in a jungle setting with ocean view just a minute from the village. Groups are small, classes casual and fun with an emphasis on spoken Spanish, but with lots of Spanish structure to hang vocabulary! Class are Monday to Friday, 3 hrs (15 min snack break),emphasis on Spanish conversation, oral exercises, learning through repetitive exercises, games, readings, and activities. Home stays highly recommended or private suites with some/all meals with family.

Summer : Yelapa is verdant green and lush, hot and humid, with often afternoon and overnight showers and amazing electrical storms to cool things off. In July and August we teach from a few localities to maximize opportunities to dip into cool pools in the rivers, sit in the breezes in the shade, and enjoy the patios and views of our favorite restaurants, while learning Spanish and enjoying the summer life here. We combine the Spanish grammar studies, games, exercises and songs and then apply them in the field in a group activity for under an hour: a visit to a small farm, a nature hike, a tour of the Rosewood factory, or the water factory or tortilla factory, the stores, the medical clinic, among other locations.

2. San Sebastian del Oeste, Jalisco, Mexico (1 hr east of P to. Vallarta) ( Summer Program – Min. 2 Pers; and Spanish on the Road Tours –Inquire re: Weekends or One Week tours - see I below .

Only 70 kms from Puerto Vallarta , San Sebastian is an old colonial town, built at the peak of gold and silver mining in the 1600s with lots of Mexican history and myth. Once a rich town of 30,000, today it's a village of only 600 people. The houses are of adobe and clay tile roofs. The Spanish colonial architecture with central town square, inner court yards and gardens, tile and cobblestone, stone fences surrounding fruit orchards and fields, make this a scenic treasure. It's surrounded by pine forests, agave and cornfield, mountain trails leading to old mines, smaller villages and viewpoints. It has a hot dry climate from Febuary to June with mild evenings, a rainy season from June to late October, and sunny, warm days with cool winter nights from (December to February).

We'll stay and study at a 500 year old colonial building with inner cobbled courtyard with peach trees and flowers, and arched portals for outdoor seating. It's a peaceful and serene setting at the edge of town near the river, one block from the main square. We'll combine some local activities such as hiking and touring the museum and church, local creek-side trails to a surviving old Hacienda B&B and, for an additional charge, plan some longer guided excursions higher into the mountains.

•  road trip up to Real Alto at 7,000 ft, visit chapel with legendary Virgin del Rosario,
•  easy guided hike and road tour to Bufa, the peak above the village with views of the coast,
•  walking tour of town sights, colonial buildings,
•  guided walk to Hacienda Jalisco historic museum and B&B along Río San Sebastian birding, wildlife and nature interpretation tours.

B. Weekend Spanish Intensive (Regular – On Demand)

We cover in 12 hrs over a weekend most of the basics done in a 5 day program, allowing more time for conversational practice over joint lunches and/or suppers, if desired. Starts Friday evening, two hours, then two and a half (2.5 hrs) on Saturday morning (9:30 to noon) and then again Saturday afternoon (3:30 – 6 pm.), and repeated on Sunday same hours. If scheduling for arrival and departure allows only the two day weekend, we can conduct classes only Saturday and Sunday (10 hrs), allowing for a Sunday departure on the last boat at 5:45 pm.

C. Spanish for Birders (Regular - Based on Demand)

We'll learn Spanish on the forested hillside school of YESI which is one of the best locations in Yelapa for birding. Birds regularly fly through and sit in the treetops and past the class. We'll learn birding vocabulary; focus on Spanish verbs related to bird behaviour in addition to regular grammar and vocabulary study and exercises for two hours daily. Then we'll take a minimum of one hour daily to watch birds, identify them and learn their natural history in various habitats

At least one trip will be taken in the estuary , one upriver to the waterfalls , one up the road to higher elevations en route to Chacala to experience the various habitats. Some unique birds we can expect to see: military macaws, elegant trogon, summer tanagers, mot mots, painted and varied buntings, magpie and San Blas jays, chachalacas, pale billed and lineated woodpeckers and most of the North American herons.

D. Family Group Spanish ( Regular and Summer) )

To allow children and their parents time together as a group, we've arranged a 2 hr Spanish course for parents to study with their children. The only requirement is that the children can read and write (approximately 7 years of age). Younger children can accompany us, but the focus will not be directed to them. See E. below for Children's Group Spanish .

We will spend the first hour learning simple grammatical structures, then use pictures for vocabulary building, games and Spanish songs for learning. In the second hour, we will do an activity that allows use of that Spanish vocabulary and structure (eg. farm visit, riding burros, tortilla making on an outdoor stove, a visit to a grocery store, tours of water factory and tortilla factory and rosewood workshop, cooking class).

E •  Children's Group Spanish ( Regular and Summer)

Spanish Classes for children will be offered Monday to Friday for 1.5 hrs for ages five and up. We'll learn simple grammatical structures and practice them through games, readings, crafts, activities and songs. Please inquire for longer class times, if interested.

Learn by tasting in Spanish class

G. Spanish Classes - Summer Adventures Program (Inquire for Availability)

For those who want a committed Spanish language guide or Spanish classes and follow-up activities, we offer 3 hour classes with 4 hour guided activities . The week's guided schedule is pre-arranged, and you'll have one person dedicated to your instruction and adventure daily from Monday to Friday. Additional activities can be added on the weekends. (Pricing Variable depending on selected activities - See Activities page ).

F. Summer Spanish Classes for Teachers (Summer)

A summer one week or two week Spanish class (5 days per week of three hour classes) is designed for teachers during the summer holidays. Week 1 is Beginner´s (Present Tense) and Week 2 is Intermediate (Past Tenses). Three hours of grammar and vocabulary through exercises, readings, games and songs. For intermediate level – 2 hrs grammar, then one hour of conversational practice daily with a native speaker. Please inquire for advanced study.

Enhance Spanish learning through accommodation arranged with a host family. This includes a private room, comfortably furnished, with private bath. Two meals per day are included in the home stay. We can also arrange private accommodation, with or without meals.

G. Medical Spanish Classes (see more info here )

H. Study Spanish on the Road - One Week and Weekend Spanish Study Tours