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For further information please write by email to:    (  TIP to public computer users - cut and paste email address directly into New Message To: area)

For Registration, please download the form “Registration Page”, save as a MSWord document, then email as an attached document.

Please contact the school in Mexico for information by email. Emails will receive a response within 24 hrs. Information will be emailed in the form of:

  • specific questions not covered on the website
  • a Web Site Summary
  • a Registration Form
  • a Travel Information Document (what to bring, getting to Yelapa, etc.)

For personal contact, or clarification of information and for further details, please phone and leave a message with your number:

Contact in Mexico:

011 52 322 2095220 - school/home number or +52 322 209 5220,

011 52 322 137 3603 (cell). If it fails, (for people from BC and Washington the networks are different), try a “1” before the 322. 011 52 1 322 137 3603 Or +52 1 322 137 3603