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 Guided Tours and Activities

These are activities that YESI offers or arranges for students, that can include non-students as participants. YESI arranges guides but assumes no responsibility for any health risk or injury

1. Activities with Spanish Classes

One hour of Activity time can be added to immerse you and your family, and to meet the Yelapa folk in their homes and workplace. There will be time given for questions, sampling, contributing as you want!

•  Making hand made tortillas on an earthen comal over open fire
•  Riding burros (for children) or taking photos with burros
•  Visit to the village Tortilla Factory (Guess how many tortillas they make in a year?)
•  Visit to the Rosewood Factory in the village
•  Visit to the falls above the village waterfalls
•  Nature tour around the lip of the canyon from the village waterfalls and up exiting at Vero's Jugos
•  Birding Tour up the river from the lagoon (various other habitats offered as well)


2. Activities with Local Guides

Horseback Riding

•   Ride along the Tuito River (Las Cascadas), ending in a refreshing swim in deep pools below the waterfalls and above the canyon (4 hours, $30 + $10 Guide).

•  Ride to the upper waterfalls on the pristine Calderas River, with a 60 foot drop into three deep, large, pools (8 hours, $80 with Guide).

•  Burro Rides for Children a short ride up the Tuito River along its sand banks away from the regular trail to a deep pool. $20/1 hr.

Wildlife Viewing

•   Marietas Islands National Wildlife Sanctuary – Boat trip to the spectacular waters and islands, a protected seabird refuge, and a sanctuary for humpback whales. Great day of snorkeling, beach combing, bird watching, caving (8 hr = $80 includes ceviche).

•   Whale watching Yelapa Bay – Humpback and gray whales concentrate. View at a safe distance (4 hours = $70).

Fishing and Gathering

•   Fishing with local experts from a few hours to a full day, includes all gear ( $40-80/hour).


•   Marietas Islands – see Wildlife Viewing above ($45/day includes light lunch, snorkeling gear).

•   Boat trips to nearby secluded beaches - Pizota or further south along the coast  and upriver to Tecomate, a deep jungle pool complete with hanging vines (4 hours - $45). http://www.talkadventures.com/spanish/images/hiking_Las_Juntas.jpg

•   Kayak throughout Yelapa Bay and to the next coastal community of Pizota and other southern points ($10/hr kayak rental).


•   Chacala/Mascotita – Hill town over the mountain ridge; by truck to small community of Chacala in the pine and oak plateau. Possible side trip to Mascotita to see local raicilla production – cactus moonshine. Walk down the jungle road to Yelapa (4-5 hrs $60 with Guide).

•  Naturalist's Hike –A leisurely hike up the Tuito River , pointing out the trees, plants, animals and their significance to local use and their natural history ($20 with bilingual Guide).

•   Traditional Medicine – A stroll guided by Andrea who still practices medicinal plant healing using traditional medicines from local plants. (Translator supplies) $20/person  minimum two people).

• Naturalist Alejandro on hike Birdwatching Tour – Get to know the exciting and colourful local resident and migratory species. The variety is truly astounding!  Guided by long-time resident ornithologist ($20 per person).


3. Local and Regional Special Events

•  Attend the local rodeos (charros) in the tiny hillside communities of Chacala, Ixtlahueyhuey or Algodón with a crowd of the locals to view local rodeo “colour”  ($30 with Guide).

•  Guadalupe Festival in Puerto Vallarta (Dec 12 th )

•  El Tuito regional Guadalupe celebrations (Jan 12) (8 + hrs).

•  Cooking Demonstration and Feast – Join local guest chefs who'll teach how to prepare their favorite Mexican dish. 


4. Regional Conversational Spanish on the Road – One Day

One Day Triips (Sunday or Inquire) – (Prices per person with two person minimum, 5 max.)

a. __ San Sebastian ($200) 1 day – historic mining town preserved in mountain splendor
b.__ Vallarta Botanical Gardens ($80 + $10 admission) (4-6 hrs)
c. __El Tuito traditional Mexican village and the Aguas Calientes Hotsprings ($100) 1 day
d. __Around the Bay – beaches from Bucerias, Cruz de Huanacaxtle, Destiladeras Beach to Punta de Mita ($125).
e. __Unknown Beaches - South of PV – Mayto, Tehuamixtle, and Cajon de Peñas


5Spanish on the Road - One week Trips- Conversational Spanish on the Road – Prices per person, 2 person minimum – 5 max. Inquire re: Family Pricing !). Includes accommodation, travel and tour guide. Meals and gratuities extra. See www.StudySpanishontheRoad.com

a. (i)Pátzcuaro – 7 days ($800) _ (ii)Pátzcuaro-Day of the Dead – 7 days($700)__ (iii)Pátzcuaro-Monarch Butterflies – 7 days ($800)

b. Magical Mountain Towns - San Sebastian (2 nights) – Mascota (2 nights) – Talpa de Allende (1 nights) ($500) 5 nights

c. Nayarit Riviera – Beaches and Mangrove Wildlife – Destiladeras, Punta de Mita, San Pancho (1 night), San Blas (3 nights), Tepic - 4 nights - $450

d. Mountains and Beaches - San Sebastian (1 night), Mascota (2 nights), Talpa de Allende, Cruz de Huanacaxtle, Sayulita-San Pancho (1) San Blas (2) – 6 nights ($600)

Playing after Spanish study

study Spanish and play at waterfalls