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 About Yelapa English Spanish Institute

YESI is a small school, operated since 2001 by the proprietor, Jean, or more commonly Juanita, and a collection of teaching associates and guides. She works from the patio of a small authentic palapa – a palm thatched house on the edge of the jungle with great ocean views, in a tranquil spot with the beauty of nature as your classroom. We teach small groups – typically 2 to 4 per class. We teach five levels of studies, so we can match you with students with similar skills. We can also teach private classes, or at your home or at other select locations to experience more of Yelapa.

JeanJuanita   - The principle instructor and proprietor although born Canadian, has spent much of the last 28 years working in environmental planning, teaching, guiding throughout Mexico, Central and South America, and Spain. She's been a Yelapa regular visitor since 1989, has instructed languages here since 1999, and operated the Yelapa English Spanish Institute program since 2001. She also brings experience from teaching English in Canada and Portugal. Since 2000, she has worked periodically within the Canadian school system with children with learning problems. She studied Linguistics and language acquisition in a Master's Program for Speech Therapists. Her experience with language study includes some proficiency with Portuguese, French and Ukrainian.

Jean wrote the text provided for the Beginner's and Advanced Beginner's Levels of Study, refined over the last eleven years from a wealth of teaching styles and materials. She's in the process of completing a second level text that is offered also to intermediate students.

Other teaching associates are available based on demand, and your requirements, with excellent reviews from students:

Veronica Rodriguez – University educated with work experience in Puerto Vallarta in the banking world, Veronica has a jewelry sales business, and works assisting YESI in Yelapa. She conducts Conversation Classes and Beginner's and Advanced Beginner's classes. Now in her 5 th year with YESI, she has developed her strengths and her unique charming style that boosts confidence in students and makes them feel a natural speaker.

Guides: Yelapans know their environment. They're exceptional guides on the sea and the land. We use various people who have exhibited their skills in plant and animal identification and natural history studies, fishing, walking tours with knowledge of the complex maze of trails into the jungle, medicinal plant identification and uses, etc. All guides will help you as you try to expand your vocabulary and practice. (see the Activities section)



“The fact that after one short week Jean somehow managed to give me a solid base on which to further (my previously nonexistent) Spanish studies and allow me to have simple conversations and to shop amazes me and speaks to the quality of her teaching. Not only is she a great teacher, she's a wealth of local knowledge and a warm and friendly person. ” Gabriele Nolte, Gibsons

“An awesome experience for someone looking to either learn or perfect Spanish. Jean is an exceptional teacher, understands how adults learn and want from a second language experience”. Angie Augier, St. Mary´s High School Calgary .

“I LOVED the course … . You are not only a great and very dedicated teacher of language, but a very inspiring and entertaining person as well, nothing but wonderful memories.” Bill Gorishek, Grand Junction.