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 About Yelapa English Spanish Institute (YESI)

About Yelapa English Spanish Institute

YESI is run by the proprietor, Jeannie, or Juanita to the Mexican community, from her home, whose ocean-view jungle-edge patios serve also as her school. As needed, other local teaching associates and guides are used. Her school is minutes from the village, en route to the village waterfall, up 100 stairs to a perch amongst the treetops, filled with birds, offering ocean views, ocean breezes and the tranquility needed for study. Behind the building on the main path with the deerhead mural in bright Huichol beaded style, there are signs to the100 stairs up the hill through the forest. It's worth the climb.

Juanita teaches small groups typically less than 4 people and private classes, from Beginners to Advanced Spanish. Or classes, private or family group, can be customized.. She can teach at her home /school, or at yours, or other select locations to experience more of Yelapa. Conversational classes are often done along with an activity in the field involving the local Yelapans.

JeanJeannie Hnytka (Juanita), the principle instructor and proprietor, a Canadian by birth, began Spanish studies in university in1983, worked in Mexico City and Patzcuaro in environmental planning, studied in Ecuador in 1986, and has spent much of the last 35 years working, travelling, guiding, and studying throughout Mexico, Central and South America, and Spain. She's been a Yelapa regular visitor since 1989, and has instructed English and Spanish here seasonally since 2001.

In addition to her skills in Spanish, she has experience teaching English in Canada, Mexico and Portugal. She also worked within the Canadian school system with students with learning difficulties and special needs. In teaching both languages, she has applied her knowledge of linguistics and language acquisition learned while doing a Master's Program for Speech Therapists. Her language experience includes her parents' native language of Ukrainian, and some proficiency with Portuguese, and is in process of learning French.

Juanita wrote the text the students use for Beginners, refined after many years from a wealth of teaching styles and materials. She's similarly developing a second level text that is used with intermediate students.